This section of the website contains additional articles about music theory: both my theory, and music theory in general.

The Question "What is Music?" (and its many answers ...)

People often ask the question "What is Music?", and there are many different answers given. But most of these answers ignore a cold hard fact about our understanding of music, which is that we don't know what music is.

A Grand Unified Theory of Music

A very important achievement of my theory is how it unifies explanations of pitch perception and rhythm perception.

The Billion Dollar Puzzle

How to make a billion dollars by solving what might be (or might not be) a simple puzzle ...

How Scientifically Orthodox is the Super-Stimulus Theory?

These days there are many theories about scientific subjects proposed by those outside the mainstream. An immediate problem with most of them is that they ignore or contradict orthodox science.

But the science behind the super-stimulus theory is very orthodox indeed.