The Ultimate Daydreamish Music Video: Daydreaming, and Daydreamable

8 October, 2015
Daydreaming about life past and life future, while simultaneously being awesome ...

Daydreaming, on the long ride home ...

The classic musical daydreaming scene in a movie is the one where a major character in the story is riding as a passenger in a car. The car is travelling at speed, along a long and fairly straight road. Much has happened recently, and now that person has to go home, or maybe they have to leave home and go somewhere else. Sitting in the car, watching the scenery pass by, our hero ponders their situation, thinking about the things that have happened, and what might happen in the future.

This is the part of the movie where they always play music.


A "Daydreamable" scene in a music video is a scene where something exciting or awesome happens that the viewer can daydream about. Sometimes it's an interaction with a character in the video, sometimes it's what the character in the video is doing.

It could be about beautiful people. Or it could be about fast and powerful modes of transport.

Daydreaming, and Daydreamable, both at the same time ...

Is it possible to combine these two things? Is it possible to be going on a long trip home, looking out the window, thinking about things that have happened, and thinking what might happen in the future, while simultaneously doing something awesome and exciting?

What if you weren't riding as a passenger in a car? What if you were riding as a passenger in a cool black helicopter, which was flying low over a dramatic salt pan desert, and the door was open and you had one leg hanging outside? What if, while riding in that helicopter, with one leg outside the door, you were thinking about all the things that happened in the past, and what might happen in the future?

In a movie, we know that the character is thinking about all the things that have happened, because we've already seen those things happen. In a music video, we don't really have time for the necessary setup. But, what if the song lyrics told us that things had happened, and now it was time to go home?

That might work ...