Dina Paucar: Peruvian Huayno Singer With An Unusual Singing Style

15 August, 2006
The Peruvian singer Dina Paucar sings Huayno in a very distinctive style which achieves a strong emotional effect.


You can hear some of Dina Paucar's songs at SoundClick.com. (More examples can be found here.)

Of these songs, the one that affects me the most is Volveré.

The first few times I heard this song, it sounded like parts of it were sung out of tune, particularly at the ends of phrases, but the song still had a strong enough musical effect to give me goosebumps. The sense of being "out-of-tune" derives, I believe, from the note-bending technique that Paucar uses.

Dina Paucar is not the only well-known female Hyauno singer in Peru, but all the others that I've heard have a much more "straightforward" ("clean" ?) singing style. Nor have I heard anyone singing any other type of music the way that Dina Paucar sings.

(Note: The song Me Emborracho Por Tu Amor contains a version of "Que Lindo Son Tus Ojos" starting at about ten and a half minutes in from the beginning, which demonstrates an even more extreme example of her singing technique than "Volveré".)