What Music Expresses

24 August, 2019
Music expresses, or at least attempts to express, an emotional feeling about a situation that someone is in.

What music seems to express

When we listen to music, it feels like the music is telling us to have certain feelings about some situation that we are in, or that someone is in.

However, the music by itself never fully expresses these feelings, and it does not tell us in any specific sense the details of the situation giving rise to those feelings.

These missing details always have to be supplied by something else.

The something else can be any of the following:

Actually, more than one of these can be supplying missing details, and also, each might be supplying different missing details – so the lyrics of a song might be filling in different details to the those provided by video content, and both of these might be different to what the music listener is thinking about.

The possible history of music

Given this understanding of what music expresses, and the apparent incompleteness of what the music provides by itself, we can reasonably wonder: