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I have set up a del.icio.us user whatismusic. (In case you didn't know, del.icio.us is the most popular and widely used social bookmarking website.)

My intention is to use the following tagging scheme to identify all pages that may be relevant to music science and the question "What is Music?".

Tag Types

1. music_science

So far this tag is not widely used, and is better than music and science as separate tags, which may occur together for any number of reasons, not all of them having to do with music science proper. All content tagged by the whatismusic user will be tagged with the music_science tag.

2. Content type tags, for example: paper article theory person journal bookwebsite

This is a tag that says something about the type of content. In general I am supposing (or hoping) that there will not be any significant clashes between this type of tag and the next group. Note that the tag person refers to a person doing music science.

3. Sub-topic tags, for example: pitch scales amusia tone_deafness cortical_map

These are tags, which, within the context of music science, give more detail about the tagged item. As you can see, I have adhered to the convention of using "_" to separate words in phrases.

4. what_is_music

Some items relating to music science specifically acknowledge this basic question, and others don't, so I will use this tag to indicate those that do raise the question explicitly (even if they don't use quite those exact words).

5. relevant

This will be used for items or content which is not specifically about music science, but which I consider potentially relevant.


For the moment, the inbox of the user whatismusic is subscribed to the tag music_science, so just using that tag in your own delicious bookmarks is sufficient to make me aware that you might be interested in using the tagging system I have suggested. I will directly add other delicious users to the inbox for that tag, if they appear to be using a similar scheme, or if they have emailed me suggesting I subscribe to them. That way, should the tag music_science start getting spammed, I can continue to receive content from other users relating to music science.

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